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Our Core -
Why You Can Work With Us

Innovation and Adaptation

The world is fast changing and every sector of business is transforming and conforming to this reality. Our bespoke approach to offering legal services ensure we provide adaptive solutions that meet the business needs of contemporary times through innovative ideas, technologically inspired tools and mechanism


We give the best service to all our clients. Our team of lawyers and associates are fully dedicated and diligent in their work; having keen eyes for details, and a focus on delivering the requisite result.

Creative Approach

We think differently, ever seeking dynamic ways to solve problems. We never want to be perceived or in a position where we are seen as rigid and archaic. We are the best cerebral legal minds whose intellectual wit and abilities revolve around giving optimal services to all our clients and partners.


We view our work with our clients as a partnership - a relationship built on a common goal and shared interest. You have in us a legal counsel who isn't just business-oriented by able to empathize enough your challenges to diverse the best strategy to win you the best result. We see ourselves as your partner and thus see your problem as ours.

Loyalty and Trust

We believe a positive business relationship is built on TRUST and value. We want our clients to rest assured they have legal counsel who will represent their best interest and give them the best deals all the way. This is what we do - Stay loyal and keeping the integrity of our promise to you

Superior Knowledge

We strive to give our clients a competitive edge by argue or going about their case with superior facts and insight that would guarantee success.

Corporate and Commercial

We cover a wide range of corporate and transactional advisory such as: due diligence, incorporation & company registration, etc

Government Relations

Our robust network that extends to government and our strong grasp of the 'rule of law' and changes in regulations to help our clients in coherence.

Real Estate

We provide expert guidance to real estate investors, developers and operators with strategic insights or directives putting all factors into consideration.

Our News and Articles ___

Hamman Attorneys Insights

Through Hamman Attorneys Insight, we inform and keep you updated, through high-impact analysis, on the developments and changes in the law and regulatory landscape across our sector areas, showing you how they impact your business; delivering at your fingertips information that helps you make informed strategic decisions. More →

Corporate and Commercial

We covers a wide range of corporate and transactional advisory such as: due diligence, incorporation & company registration, risk management...

Dispute Resolution

Our firm is competently skilled in resolving disputes whether by way of negotiation, reconciliation, mediation

Employable Qualities

Employment today is done with great care because most times, the wrong poeple have been hired.