About Us

Who We Are

Hamman Attorneys is an innovative corporate law firm focused on providing tailored and contemporary legal support or services to clients in a diverse range of sectors across Africa's economy with a passion to deliver excellence and the best outcome possible for our clients.

A Partner you can trust for exquisite legal counsel and pragmatic approach in producing you the best deals or outcomes possible. We are focused on shaping the economic future of Africa, aiding Africa's entrepreneurs - game-changers with disruptive ideas or businesses in various sectors to create a lasting impact.

We are a group of corporate lawyers tremendously driven with a passion to uphold the rule of law; a team with a unique set of skills, robust experience in various sectors and dynamic expertise in handling corporate, commercial, investment, public or government-related cases.

Hamman Attorneys is a contemporary corporate law firm that provides corporate entities, businesses, individuals legal backing with keen prudence under the law and superior business intelligence, seeing your case or deals to a desirable conclusive result.

We understand that we are in an ever-changing world with disruptive ideas that set the stage for new advancement in the business world; thus, we concern ourselves with bracing our clients and the entire commercial climate in Africa's economy with the best legal solutions and excellent expertise.

With Us, you get the most committed and cerebral legal minds who are deeply passionate about their work with a sole focus of protecting our clients' interest and delivering on our set targets.

In a bid to constantly ensure client satisfaction; we have a culture of taking a flexible approach to meeting our client's needs, as our bespoke [custom] services at Hamman Attorneys are constantly tailored to address your demands.